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Makuko Social Media

About me

Who I am ? and how can I help you or your business...

Driving Your Brand Straight To The Top

Your brand is a highly tuned race car that needs an expert driver behind its wheel. It’s time to start driving like the top-performance machine it is. With me in your motor pit, Instagram becomes the audience engine for your brand. 

My service is an incredibly powerful tool for your brand on Instagram. As your Instagram social media digital and creative expert, you’ll benefit from better customer relationships, superb content marketing and real-time public relations. 

Plus you get all the obvious extra cool stuff you expect me to mention here: 

  • Sky-high social media reach with Instagram Growth Packs for businesses, brands, individuals and entrepreneurs. 
  • Second-to-none problem solving services customized to achieve your best exponential social media results. 
  • Strategic insights, faster results and larger conversion rates.

I work my dream job for a reason: I love finding out what makes audiences go “click…” I’m an audience aficionado and a sales optimization junkie: “To influence people you must first understand the inner-workings of their audience.”I race to win the long track. I don’t need champagne showers, flowers or prizes right away; I focus on your goals and achieve success for you with laser persistence. Don’t get left in the dust… Understand, act and connect with your brand audiences on Instagram today! 


I believe in complete transparency. I work honestly and openly, fluidly communicating every step of the way and building meaningful trust with clients over time. Integrity is my top priority.

It depends on the competition. I will study how things are in the market for the products you want to sell. We will decide on the advantages and disadvantages of identical accounts. Drawing up a step-by-step briefing. The price for promoting an account on Instagram will depend on the methods used. The main task is to increase the popularity of the brand and increase sales.

While I can’t guarantee a specific number, I can assure you we will see your account grow fairly quickly and steadily over time. Many variables factor in here, such as industry, target audience, products, market, branding and content. My services are based on real, organic and measured advertising growth; anyone who guarantees you specific numbers isn’t working as transparently or honestly. 

Work With The Best

Guaranteed Service And Results For Instagram Brands

Proven Results

It’s not about just marketing and selling vanity metrics. I commit to measurable leads, orders, sales and revenue results. You only pay for qualified traffic: new leads, website visitors and sales. 

Full Stack

From 1 to +1,000, we build strategic industry partnerships to ensure full scope and responsiveness, no matter what your project specs, size and reach. 

Full Stack Dev

I cover all aspects of digital marketing and projects development, from full websites to simple apps and any tech services in between. Build a whole new project with just one team. 

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