Bought Fake Followers in the past? Unfortunately

Making your presence known on Instagram is not easy. It makes sense that, at some point, you may have purchased “fakes” or fake followers with the hope of increasing your Instagram standing. Trust me, I get it. Plenty of people have done so without realizing the damage fake followers can have on their account.

Fake followers bring your Instagram ranking down, meaning your posts are being seen by less and less people. Not only can that be incredibly frustrating, but you may also feel like your Instagram account is plagued with an incurable virus.

Here’s the good news – it’s not incurable. I provide an effective, efficient solution.

How to defeat it?

Just like a good doctor, I will look into the amount of fake Instagram followers you have and help you decide on the best course of action. Sometimes, the only cure is to start fresh. However, your Instagram account may be able to be revived with my help. I will navigate your Instagram followers and pinpoint any “ghost” followers – or inactive users – that plague your account.

I need your account credentials. The time taken to do the scan will depend on the size of your account. Next, I will evaluate how many fakes are in your account, and I will create a removal plan. That’s it! It’s that simple.